Providing Free Legal Assistance for People Living in Poverty in Chicago & Suburban Cook County 

The American legal system is complex for anyone. But for someone who is living in poverty and unable to hire an attorney, our legal system is downright intimidating. For more than 50 years LAF (formerly the Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago) has provided people living in poverty in metropolitan Chicago with free professional legal services.  LAF makes equal justice a reality, impacting the lives of more than 30,000 of the most vulnerable members of our community each year.

LAF’s full-time attorneys and staff give their clients individualized attention. Their work results in such successes as an order of protection from an abusive spouse, prevention of an unfair eviction, or justice for a victim of consumer fraud. LAF’s work starts by making the legal system accessible to our clients and concludes with a resolution that changes their lives and gets them back on track.

Learn more about LAF and its staff, the services we offer, our volunteer opportunities, and how your support and donations will make a difference. And keep up with LAF’s latest events and news by signing up for our supporters' newsletter.  LAF's Board meetings are also open to the public.

Statement on Racial Justice

As advocates for people living in poverty, LAF witnesses how structural racism thwarts the health and stability of low-income communities and perpetuates the cycle of poverty. Free legal aid can and should be a tool to fight racism in all its forms. LAF joins with legal aid organizations across the country to speak out and work against racial injustice, including racially-biased policing.