Our Legal Services

Children & Families

We focus on cases where personal safety and financial stability are at risk, including:  

  • Orders of Protection for people experiencing domestic violence*
  • Custody and divorce involving domestic violence or child endangerment.
  • Divorce when a family home is at risk of foreclosure or there is a substantial financial disparity between the spouses.
  • DCFS investigations of parents or other caregivers
  • Special education and school discipline.
  • Elder abuse, including financial exploitation. 
  • Expungement of juvenile criminal records.

*The Order of Protection Appeals Project is a collaboration among Dentons, LAF and the Domestic Violence Legal Clinic to represent clients in Order of Protection cases. If you need representation in the appellate court on an OP case, call the OP Appeals Project at 312-431-2101 as soon as possible.  To refer a client to this project, submit this form.


We focus on cases that impact an individual or family’s ability to keep housing and utility service, and protect limited income and resources from unfair collection, including:

  • Foreclosure 
  • Utilities (electricity, gas, water)
  • Bankruptcy 
  • Car Title and Payday Loans
  • Unfair debt collection
  • Consumer Fraud

If you are looking for help with eviction or other rental housing issues, please visit our housing section.


We focus on cases that help people living in poverty to keep decent, safe and affordable housing, including:

  • Subsidized housing (public housing, Section 8 and other rental assistance): evictions, termination of assistance, rent calculations, and admissions issues
  • Discrimination and disability accommodation
  • Eviction from mobile home parks.
  • Evictions by private landlords (Chicago Suburbs only)
  • Housing protection for seniors, veterans, people living with HIV/AIDS

If you are looking for help with utilities, please visit our consumer section.

If you are a homeowner looking for help with foreclosures please visit our consumer section.

Immigrants & Workers’ Rights

We have three areas of focus — employment, immigration, and migrant legal assistance, including:

  • Unemployment insurance benefits
  • Employment discrimination, wrongful termination, FMLA, USERRA 
  • Wage claims
  • VAWA, U-Visa, and T-Visa applications (victims of trafficking)
  • The legal needs of migrant agricultural and landscape workers throughout Illinois (call 800.445.9025, toll-free)

Public Benefits

We focus on obtaining and protecting public benefits that meet the basic needs of people living in poverty, including:

  • SNAP (Food Stamp) and TANF (cash) denials, calculations, overpayments and sanctions
  • Medical assistance denials, terminations, spend down issues (Medicaid, Medicare)
  • SSI and Social Security cessations, terminations, overpayments and garnishments
  • SSI/SSD applications for people living with HIV-AIDS
  • VA benefits 
  • Crime Victims Compensation from the State of Illinois