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September 2018

Honoring Tim Hufman, an LAF legend


 Tim Hufman (kneeling) with his colleagues at LAF's former Westside office in North Lawndale.


Advocating for people living in poverty is a demanding job. Doing so requires a level of caring and devotion that is difficult for the average attorney to sustain. But longtime LAF attorney Tim Hufman is far from average. Below is a message from Larry Wood, LAF's Housing Practice Group Director and Tim's colleague of many years, in honor of Tim's retirement.


After more than thirty-eight years at LAF, Tim Hufman retired on September 7, 2018.  At the end of such a long career, there’s a temptation to honor the person who’s leaving by using superlatives that aren’t really appropriate. After all, can anyone really say who at LAF is the most persuasive advocate, the best litigator, the top lawyer? No. But I can say, with complete confidence, that during the course of its more than fifty-year history, LAF has never employed an attorney who is more dedicated or energetic than Tim.


Throughout his career he regularly worked 70 hours a week, and when he recently took a part-time position to run the Eviction Help Desk at the Markham courthouse, he only ended up reducing his schedule to 40 hours a week and therefore working full-time for significantly less money. So he wasn’t financially shrewd, but no one cared more about LAF’s clients.


Who else would jump into an alley dumpster to collect evidence against an opposing party, or draft sixty affidavits in support of a dispositive motion, or crawl under mobile homes to measure the distance between the ground and the bottoms of the these homes...


Read the rest of Larry's Tribute to Tim on the LAF blog

Join LAF for Law Rocks on September 27th



On September 27th at Lincoln Hall, Barry Horwitz, co-chair of LAF's Young Professionals Board will be competing alongside his band Guy Incognito in the first annual Chicago edition of Law Rocks. It's a Battle of the Bands-style fundraiser where Chicago's most musically gifted legal professionals compete to benefit both local music edication programs and a nonprofit of their own choosing—Barry and his bandmates have graciously chosen to support LAF!


Ticket sales, donations through Law Rocks website, and the performances themselves all go into choosing a winner, and they all help LAF keep making equal justice a reality in Chicago.


Click here for tickets and for more information. We hope to see you there!



Legal Aid Matters: employment, harrasment, and #MeToo


On the latest episode of the Legal Aid Matters podcast, Nubia sits down with her colleague within LAF’s Immigrants and Workers’ rights Practice Group, Jon Delozano. Jon's work focuses on removing legal barriers that prevent low-wage workers from getting or keeping a job.


He and Nubia discuss the challenges of proving workplace discrimination and how the #MeToo movement has affected his work on behalf of women who suffer sexual harassment in the workplace.


Listen to the episode here or search for us on Apple Podcasts.


Staff Profile:

Samantha Cripe, VISTA leader


For the last year, Samantha Cripe has served as a VISTA leader for LAF and a number of other legal service organizations around Chicago and across the state of Illinois. She leads forty-five VISTAs (short for “Volunteers in Service to America”), who volunteer full-time for a year at organizations working on poverty reduction.


Whatever organization they serve, in whatever part of the country, VISTAs complete projects aimed at building the capacity of nonprofits...


Read all about Sam on the LAF blog