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November 2016   
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Words from a Volunteer
Margaret Boyd, a new volunteer at LAF, wrote a beautiful reflection on her time working with our clients at the Woodlawn Clinic.  You can read her reflection here:
"Equal Justice under the Law", a societal idea that has influenced the American justice system, was evidenced at LAF's Woodlawn Legal Clinic on November 9, 2016. 
The Woodlawn Legal Clinic is held at the beautiful AKArama (Alpha Kappa Alpha Sonority, Inc.) Community Service Center at 6220 S. Ingleside in the heart of Chicago's Woodlawn community. 34 clients with a plethora of civil legal matters participated in the November clinic.
As a first time volunteer at the Woodlawn Legal Clinic, I found the experience exciting and a great lesson in providing quality legal assistance. Impeccably organized by LAF's VISTA Attorney Regina Hernandez and her team, it was a dynamic group effort to address the clients' legal issues in a short window of time. The Woodlawn Clinic is held every 2nd Wednesday of the month at the AKArama Center from 4:00p.m. - 6:00p.m.
"No one is turned away as long as they come to the clinic by 6:00 p.m. We make every effort to address all legal issues presented," said Regina Hernandez.
It was gratifying to see the dedicated attorneys, law students and volunteers swiftly file into the center and work as teams to consult with the clients. The AKArama staff was a tremendous help with check-in and made everyone feel welcome.
The crowded lobby housed clients who waited with hopes of having their legal problems addressed. The areas they wanted help with included Divorce, Expungement, Housing, Consumer Fraud, SSI/Public Benefits and other pressing legal issues.
One client emerged extremely happy about the advice she received in her consultation and exclaimed, "The Woodlawn Legal Clinic helped me resolve a consumer legal issue and I am very glad I came." As they were leaving, others also mentioned how helpful the consultations had been.
The Clinic is sponsored in by DLA Piper, LAF, the AKArama Foundation, and Woodlawn Children's Promise Community.
As for me, I felt humbled to be able to use the law to help assist those in need and foster the continuance of "Equal Justice under the Law, " and I am wholeheartedly looking forward to the next Woodlawn Legal Clinic scheduled to take place on December 14, 2016.
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A special message
from LAF
Executive Director
Diana C. White
With just a few weeks left in 2016, we’re still recovering from a whirlwind November that held both a Cubs World Series win and a presidential election that is likely to have a massive effect on all of us -- but especially our clients.  And it’s not over yet! 
LAF is gearing up for another exciting #GivingTuesday celebration.  After Thanksgiving (and Black Friday and Cyber Monday), we like to take that day to refocus and reflect on the amazing things LAF has been able to accomplish this year for our clients, and throughout the last 50 years.  We hope that you’ll join us on November 29th on social media to share our new videos and support our efforts to raise funds and awareness for LAF’s important mission. 
As always, on behalf of LAF and all our clients, thank you for your continued support of our work.  If you are planning on making a financial contribution before the end of the year, I ask you to consider making it on #GivingTuesday and helping us meet our goal.  Your investment in LAF ensures that equal justice prevails for all people, regardless of their income or political allegiance. 
Diana C. White
LAF Executive Director
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After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this year November 29th is #GivingTuesday, a national day of giving to celebrate the impact of philanthropy through raising funds and raising awareness. Join us again this year across social media to celebrate 50 amazing years of LAF’s important work and kick off the end-of-year giving season with another rousing day of #GTatLAF.  We’ve set a goal to raise $50,000 to celebrate LAF’s 50th Anniversary, and we need your help! 
To get ready, be sure to like LAF on Facebook, and follow @ChicagoLAF on Twitter and @LAFChicago on Instagram.  You can keep up with the national campaign by following along at #GivingTuesday, statewide at #ILGive, and LAF’s own campaign at #GTatLAF and #LAF50for50.  Keep an eye out for brand new stories and never-before-seen videos across LAF’s social media!
On Giving Tuesday, make a donation at www.lafchicago.org/Giving-Tuesday-at-LAF and we’ll send you an email with a sign to share and language you can copy onto facebook, twitter, Instagram, linkedin, and personal emails.  Then post your selfie or a video with your sign to share the impact LAF has had over the last half century and raise awareness about the importance of standing up for people who live in poverty.    
We’ll be liking, sharing, thanking, and celebrating our work and our supporters all day, and we encourage you to get in on the fun!  
World Series Wager with Cleveland 
LAF and Legal Aid Society of Cleveland
Square Off for Our Baseball Teams

It may seem like a lifetime ago now, but just this month, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series.  And LAF was in on the fun!  
We squared off against the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland over the outcome of the 2016 World Series.  From Chicago, LAF promised a deep-dish pizza lunch to Cleveland Legal Aid’s staff if the Cubs couldn't win their first World Series since 1908. Cleveland’s Legal Aid answered the challenge, offering Cleveland pierogis to the staff of LAF if the Indians were to lose the series.  
We'll get our pierogis after Thanksgiving, so keep an eye out for photos of our victory lunch.  In the meantime, you can see all of the fun we had on social media through a Storify Recap here.  Go Cubs Go!  
Let's Do Lunch 
The Third in LAF's 2016 Brownbag Roundtable Series with the Veterans' Rights Project
The latest edition of LAF’s 2016 Brownbag Roundtable Series featured some of LAF’s dedicated attorneys from the Veterans’ Rights Project: Equal Justice Works/AmeriCorps Veterans Legal Corps Fellow Ellen Rheaume, VISTA Attorney Catherine Shur, Supervisory Attorney Kathryn Socha and Equal Justice Works Fellow/Attorney Erin Sutton. They shared their experiences working with veterans and their families to ensure they receive advocacy, legal representation, and educational services regarding the rights and benefits they are due for their service to our country.
Thank you to all who joined us this Veterans Day to honor our veterans for their invaluable service, and thank the dedicated attorneys of the Veterans’ Rights Project for their commitment to serving those who serve.  You can read more about the roundtable series on the LAF blog here.
YPB Celebrates 50th Anniversary
at Autumn Affair 
A Great Night of Food, Drink, Raffle,
and Celebration!
On November 17th, LAF's Young Professionals Board gathered at the Hubbard Inn to celebrate 2016, and the 49 years that came before it, and toast to their service to LAF and our clients.  This year's Autumn Affair featured great food and drinks, a popular wine and spirits raffle, Bears tickets, and the grand prize drawing for the annual Hawaii Getaway (Congratulations to YPB member Nick Harris!).   
A big thank you to all of our sponsors, guests, and donors who helped make this a special night out on behalf of LAF!  Check out all of the photos from Autumn Affair 2016 on our Facebook here.
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As you gear up for the holidays, don't forget LAF's partnership with Amazon Smile, the charitable arm of the online store Amazon.com.  Amazon donates a percentage of any customer’s purchases to the customer’s designated charitable organization.  That means you can donate to LAF just by buying all those things you were already buying online anyway (including gift cards).  It doesn’t increase your purchase price, so there is no downside to you as a customer!  
You just have to remember to shop through smile.amazon.com instead of the regular Amazon page, and designate LAF as your charity of choice by clicking here.  Thank you for supporting LAF!
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For the past 50 years, LAF has provided free legal services in non-criminal matters to the poorest and most vulnerable people in our community, ensuring they have the same access to legal services as those who can afford it.  By resolving critical legal problems that systemically trap people in poverty, such as domestic violence, consumer fraud, and unfair evictions, LAF has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals get their lives back on track and given them hope for a brighter future.  
We rely on the generous investment of individuals and companies to provide the private support we need to fulfill our mission.  
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